Frequently Asked Questions

Written by iTutor Customer Support

Last published at: July 7th, 2022

This article contains Frequently Asked Questions shared by students and families. If you require additional assistance please review our Department Overview and Extensions page to confirm which department may best assist you.

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Q: What is the best way for families to correspond with Educators on questions regarding student curriculum or progress?

A: Parents can communicate with Educators through their child’s iTutor account. 

Review the Email and Correspondence video for directions on how to use this feature on the platform.

Q: How can students submit homework or assignments to their Educators after class?

A: iTutor’s iLMS has a built in messenger system which allows students to email completed assignments to Educators. 

Review the Email and Correspondence video for directions on how to use this feature on the platform. 

Q: If I have questions or concerns about my child’s instruction with iTutor, who should I contact?

A: For questions regarding the number of assigned hours, courses assigned, or extensions, please reach out to your local school district. Cancellations and reschedules, educator questions, curriculum concerns, or technology support should be addressed with the team at iTutor.

The iTutor Email & Phone Tree Extensions, as well as more specifics on communication can be found in the Student and Family Policies and Protocols.

Q: How can families best support students working with iTutor?

A: Attendance is vital to student success at any institution. Ensuring students participate in sessions while having a quiet, academic environment is the best way to encourage student success. Facilitating frequent check-ins show that you are taking an interest in their progress and will help to oversee assignment completion.

Q: How do my student’s Educators identify what to teach my student?

A: iTutor Educators will reach out to your student’s classroom teacher to ask for their course outline, work to be completed, and necessary assessments. Our Educator will cover all material provided and use the resources to plan for instruction that will align with classroom pacing to ensure the student will be at the same place as their peers when they  re-enter the classroom. 

If an iTutor Educator is unable to receive materials from the school district, they will design instruction that follows the state standards for the course and align with curriculum pacing.

Q: What type of data collection occurs with iTutor to ensure my student is making progress towards their individual goals?

A: All assessments and graded assignments provided by a student classroom teacher will be reported to the school district once completed. Pre- and post-assessments may be provided through Scantron or APEX Learning to provide iTutor Educators with a targeted list of skills to be covered during instruction for individualized lesson planning and evaluate overall student progress.

Q: How does iTutor receive and distribute IEP/504 information to my student’s Educators?

A: iTutor receives all student special education information from the student’s school district when they are enrolled. iTutor’s Special Education Coordinator oversees the sharing of all confidential documents with the student’s Educators who sign a 408 confidentiality agreement. If you have any concerns regarding the sharing of special education documents, please reach out to your school district for further clarification.